Discover how you can unleash your potential by joining a best-in-class mortgage lender. Build a mortgage experience with us that can last a lifetime for you and your clients. We offer a variety of innovative production models to help branches increase productivity and give clients unmatched support. Explore our Production Models below. 

HOMESTAR Production Models

Transform Your Business

As a Top Purchase Lender Nationwide, HOMESTAR supports our branches to achieve their most ambitious business plans, solve their biggest challenges, and harness their successes to leave our communities better than we found them.

  1. Retail

    A branch sponsored by HOMESTAR to help build and grow production.

  2. Branch P&L

    A P&L branch model with full control of your team's structure, expenses, and management.

  3. Division P&L

    A Division P&L with flagship branches in partnership with HOMESTAR. Resources and reputation with tandem growth to increase market share.

Committed to Your Growth

HOMESTAR exists because of our relationships. Trust, honesty, and integrity guide every interaction with clients and each other. With the culture and shared HOMESTAR story, careers are transforming and the mortgage industry is guiding and giving back to communities that have given so much to us.

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HOMESTAR is proud of our core values, which we infuse into every aspect of our culture. These values have helped us build a strong culture of collaboration and innovation. We believe we have a responsibility to make the world a better place, and we are always looking for ways to do that. HOMESTAR Nation is here to support you.

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We give back because, in a strong community, everyone prospers together. We build stronger communities through the HOMESTARCares program, which encourages employees to volunteer their time, participate in events, and raise funds for causes close to their hearts. HOMESTAR is a proud partner with many organizations. 

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Meet Our Teams & Join the Fun

HOMESTAR culture is fun, full of innovation, and built on trust. We believe we have a responsibility to make the world a better place and we are always looking for ways to do that. We like to celebrate our successes together, whether it’s a big project we have completed or a new milestone we have reached. We create a supportive and flexible environment for all of our employees to enjoy their life inside and outside of the office.






Industry-Leading Technology...

These are just some of the ways HOMESTAR continues to make investments in market-leading technologies:

  • My HOMESTAR Mortgage App

    My HOMESTAR Mortgage App

  • Sales Boomerang

    Sales Boomerang

  • Encompass


  • SmartFees


  • Salesforce


  • Agent Legend

    Agent Legend

  • Volly Marketing Storefront

    Volly Marketing Storefront

  • ThoughtSpot


  • Social Studio

    Social Studio

  • Homebot


  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams

Our IT Department understands the mortgage industry; therefore, they are dedicated to improving the mortgage process for you and your business.


Solution-Oriented with In-House Operations Teams…

From our Pre-Underwriting Department (Fastrak) to our Appraisal Department, and all the way to Closing and Disclosure, our teams are the behind-the-scenes stars that make production possible, keeping HOMESTAR running smoothly so you can focus on growing your business.

Underwriting: Agency Guidelines - Minimal Overlays

HOMESTAR Underwriters work tirelessly within the Agency Guidelines, allowing mortgage loans to close as quickly as possible and on time! All of this is the key to our #1 status in the mortgage industry. At the end of the day, every individual at HOMESTAR remembers that a family is counting down the days until they can live in their new home.

Underwriting Snapshot

Underwriting Snapshot:

Hosted by HOMESTAR’s Chief Operations Officer, Silvia Contreras, Underwriting Snapshot is a monthly information feed posted on YouTube that provides agency updates, points out ways that Underwriting saved a loan by switching things up, policy changes, and new programs offered. Mortgage Loan Originators can easily listen to these 5-10 minute broadcasts while driving in their car, mowing the lawn, at soccer practice, or wherever is convenient.

Closing: The Final Frontier

HOMESTAR’s closing process is the final key to our success. Closing loans on time, efficiently, and with a well-defined process allows us to remain the lender of choice for the markets we serve.


The Mind Behind our Brand (and Yours!)…

Everything you see, from the website to our social networking, to customizable marketing materials, they are the creative minds working for you and your business.

HOMESTAR’s Marketing Department works closely with all of HOMESTAR’s locations, ensuring that you have quality materials and the brand recognition that we have worked so hard to achieve.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

  • Send engaging automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Utilize ready-to-send email templates or create your own.
  • Access the Volly marketing storefront and download flyers, brochures, postcards, and more.
  • Read client reviews to see what is being said about you and improve your services.
Mortgage Loan Originator Profile Pages

Mortgage Loan Originator Profile Pages

  • Share more about yourself with a custom bio.
  • Make it easy for homebuyers to work with you with an “Apply Now” button.
  • Showcase your expertise by displaying client testimonials.
Social Studio Social Media Management Tool Social Studio Social Media Management Tool

Social Studio Social Media Management Tool

  • Connect and manage social media in one location.
  • Access hundreds of premade posts on a variety of topics.
  • Engage with customers, realtors, and builders directly.

And much more!


Supporting You Through Your Licensing Journey...

HOMESTAR’s Licensing Team supports you through your licensing journey by helping you get licensed and maintain your license. Whether you are completely new to the mortgage industry and need assistance scheduling your required coursework and testing, or you are an experienced mortgage professional, they make the process incredibly easy.

What sets HOMESTAR’s Licensing Team apart from other companies is that we have a dedicated employee who handles all NMLS filings, which takes the NMLS system and state filings off of you as an individual. In addition, once your license is approved and ready for operation, they make sure that you are set for renewal annually. Our Licensing Team enrolls each individual in the courses they need annually to complete renewal, follows up to ensure deadlines are met, and submits all renewals on your behalf.

If you are looking to expand your state licensing portfolio, HOMESTAR can assist with that as well! Our Licensing Specialist handles all new applications and ensures you have everything you need to get licensed in any additional states that you choose.

Grow With Us

At HOMESTAR, we have over 20 years of experience in running branches and an average tenure of 10 years for our Branch Managers with P&Ls. We have business growth opportunities to align with those who are ready to discover how they can unleash their potential by joining HOMESTAR Nation.

Contact us to learn more about our Production Models!


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